HMS Duncan Three

The Trip

15.20 We met at Surrey Quays (Wetherspoon) to plan outing, then take Jubilee Line train to Canary Wharf station. Leaving the station, we walked to where the HMS Duncan was the day before but found that it had already been moved to the lock at the entrance to the dock.  When we got to the same position as yesterday we took some pictures and then walked round to the ‘Blue Bridge’ where we watched HMS Duncan leave the dock and enter the Thames.

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HMS Duncan Two

The Trip

14.00 Meet at Surrey Docks (Wetherspoon) to have a cup of tea and set the plan for the trip.

14.28 We took a Jubilee Line train to Canary Wharf.  After leaving the station we walked to HMS Duncan to the same spot as the last time I was there, where we took some more pictures.  Then we walked around to the other side of HMS Duncan to get more pictures.  Then we walked to the ‘Blue Bridge’ to take some more pictures.  Along the way we went to a Tesco Local to grab a meal deal. Continue reading “HMS Duncan Two”

HMS Duncan One

The Trip

  • 14.20 I started the trip at Evelyn Street, (bus stop Q).
  • 14.29 A 188 arrived which I took to Aldwych.
  • 15.45 At Aldwych I changed onto a 15 took it to Limehouse.
  • 16.56 From Limehouse I took a 135 to West India Avenue then walk to, and then down Montgomery Street to West India Dock and the HMS Duncan, where I took a few pictures of HMS Duncan.  After taking the photos, I walked back up Montgomery Street and turned right into Trafalgar Way and down to the gates of Billingsgate, where I took a photo of the gates. Continue reading “HMS Duncan One”