HMS Duncan Two

The Trip

14.00 Meet at Surrey Docks (Wetherspoon) to have a cup of tea and set the plan for the trip.

14.28 We took a Jubilee Line train to Canary Wharf.  After leaving the station we walked to HMS Duncan to the same spot as the last time I was there, where we took some more pictures.  Then we walked around to the other side of HMS Duncan to get more pictures.  Then we walked to the ‘Blue Bridge’ to take some more pictures.  Along the way we went to a Tesco Local to grab a meal deal. Continue reading “HMS Duncan Two”

HMS Duncan One

The Trip

  • 14.20 I started the trip at Evelyn Street, (bus stop Q).
  • 14.29 A 188 arrived which I took to Aldwych.
  • 15.45 At Aldwych I changed onto a 15 took it to Limehouse.
  • 16.56 From Limehouse I took a 135 to West India Avenue then walk to, and then down Montgomery Street to West India Dock and the HMS Duncan, where I took a few pictures of HMS Duncan.  After taking the photos, I walked back up Montgomery Street and turned right into Trafalgar Way and down to the gates of Billingsgate, where I took a photo of the gates. Continue reading “HMS Duncan One”

Day Out to Watford Junction

The Trip


  1. 12.45pm Surrey Docks (Wetherspoon) for a cup of tea and last-minute planning
  2. Walk to Surrey Quays Overground Station.
  3. Take London Overground to Clapham Junction.
  4. Change to London Overground to Willesden Junction.
  5. Change to London Overground to Watford Junction.
  6. Take local bus to Watford High Street (Arriva Bus Route 324).
  7. Stopped at the Wetherspoon pub The Moon Under the Water (Wetherspoon) for a cup of tea and then McDonalds for a quarter pounder with cheese.
  8. Took TfL route 142 to Stanmore. Continue reading “Day Out to Watford Junction”

Walk Two – Deptford to Isle of Dogs

The Walk

I started this walk by gong to the Colonnades and through the arch, passed the houses to the entrance to the garages to find the World War II Memorial for the Royal Victoria Yard.

After viewing the Memorial, I walked along Longshore to the Green Space in front of Bembridge House and walk along the side of it until I got to Daubeny Tower and onto Bowditch, and walked up to Grove Street.

I turned left into Grove Street and continued down to Sayes Court Park, where I walked through and into Sayes Court Street and then into Prince Street, where I joined the Thames Path and followed it all the way to Greenwich.

From here I crossed the Thames to Island Gardens via the Greenwich Foot Tunnel.

From Island Gardens, I followed the Thames Path North side until I reached Canary Wharf, where I took a Jubilee line train back to Canada Water and walked to the Wetherspoon pub The Surrey Docks for a refreshing pint at the end of this long walk.

Photos from this walk can be seen on Flickr and My Site

Walk One – Around Deptford and Greenwich

The Walk

I started the walk near Deptford Park at the junction of Grinstead Road and Evelyn Street.  From here I walked down Grinstead Road with the park on my right-hand side.   At the end of the road I followed it under the railway bridge to the junction of Surrey Canal Road and Trundleys Road.

From here I looked for looked for the Canal Approach.  I found it protected by gates so could not go any further. Continue reading “Walk One – Around Deptford and Greenwich”

First Application online

On the 14th June 2015 I took the plunge and uploaded my first usable application, a RTF Text Editor to my Codeplex account.  Why don’t you drop by Codeplex and take a look.

Edited 2nd April 2017:

Codeplex is closing down so the source files have been migrated to GitHub.

Project Description
A Simple Rich Text File (RTF) Editor that almost always does what it says on the tin. But like a bad puppy it sometimes pees on the carpet. Bad puppy. Continue reading “First Application online”

NBfL Route 453

Was going to go see the new buses on route 453 today, good job I rechecked the change over dates as it’s been pushed back to 4th October.  That would have been annoying, standing there all day and no new buses to see.
Come on 4th Oct.
This picture was taken at the Recent Catford Bus Garage Centenary Open Day on May 10th 2014.  See here for more pictures from that day.

Here’s something to give you brain ache

So, recently I purchased a nice shiny new phone.  Then I wanted to  take a picture of said nice, shiny new phone and picked up my camera, of course it was the camera buit into the phone I wanted to take a picture of.
I like many people now use my phone as a camera.  Even thought I do own a rather good Sony compact camera, it’s just easier.  One Device to look after and try not to loose.

Continue reading “Here’s something to give you brain ache”