Trip to Redhill

On the 12th April, I found myself at Purley for a morning meeting.  I got there early (the meeting was for 10am) so I tried to get a cup of tea at the Foxley Hatch (Wetherspoon) but discovered that I did not open until 10am.  Without having had a cuppa I got to the meeting a bit early so we started early.  The meeting finished about 10 30am, so on my way back to train station I decided to pop into the Foxley Hatch as it was now open for a quick Pint.  I ended up having a pint of Roaring Meg which was exceedingly nice.

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Quick Trip Number One

Short walk round Central London

I started this trip by taking a 199 to Canada Water where I changed over to a 1 going to Holborn.  Getting off at Aldwych I crossed over to view the Piccadilly Railway station “Strand” where I got a couple of pictures of the façade.  From there I walked down to the bus stops R and S to view some of the buses passing by.

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Victoria Coach Station 85th Anniversary

This was a brief outing to Victoria to see the Victoria Coach Station 85th Anniversary Coach Festival being held between the 10th and 12th March 2017.  This was a spur of the moment decision whilst waiting for a 199 to go shopping.

Instead of getting off the bus at Surrey Quays Overground Station to go to the shopping centre, I carried on to Canada Water where I got on a C10 going to Victoria Station, (the Oyster reader on tis bus was not working.).

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A Rambling Trip Around South London

After a meeting at Purley I Stopped off at East Croydon where I decided to Ramble Around South London seeing where the Buses and Trams would take me.

My first journey was from George street to Wimbledon on the number 4 Tram.  At Wimbledon, I stopped off at Greggs for a hot slice then decided to travel back to Central London via the bus network.  To this end I got a 156 which terminated at Vauxhall (going past Battersea Power Station I got to see the TBMs that are being used to create the tunnels for the Northen Line spur to the power station).

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Trip on the Waverley

The Trip

  • 08.30  Leave Home.
  • 09.00 Arrive at Lewisham.  The bus driver was new and missed the turn into Lewisham Station, so got off at the shopping centre.  As I was early I stopped off at Burger King for a breakfast (Bacon and Egg Croissant, Tea and Potato Hash Brown Bites).
  • 09.35 Meet at Lewisham Station.
  • 10.01 Take Train to Gravesend.
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HMS Bulwark and RMS St. Helana

The Trip

14.23 I took a 199 to the Creekside/Norman Road stop and walked past Waitrose to the Thames Path where I found HMS Bulwark and took some pictures.  Then I walked into Greenwich near the foot tunnel and took some last pictures of HMS Bulwark.  Then I popped over to the Visitor Information Centre to update my bus maps, and then stopped at the Gate Clock (Wetherpsoon).

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HMS Duncan Three

The Trip

15.20 We met at Surrey Quays (Wetherspoon) to plan outing, then take Jubilee Line train to Canary Wharf station. Leaving the station, we walked to where the HMS Duncan was the day before but found that it had already been moved to the lock at the entrance to the dock.  When we got to the same position as yesterday we took some pictures and then walked round to the ‘Blue Bridge’ where we watched HMS Duncan leave the dock and enter the Thames.

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