catford bus garage

Bus Garage Visits

Today after a slow start I decided that it was time to get out and about and visit some of the Bus Garages that are in South East London.  So that is how I ended up in Bellingham standing outside Catford Bus Garage taking pictures.

From there I took a 171 to New Cross, where after a very short walk ended up outside the side enterance to New Cross Bus Garage and was again taking pictures.  After another short walk I was on a 36 to Peckham. The walk from the bus stp to Peckham Bus Garage was the longest one of the day as its tucked into the back streets.  While taking pictures at Peckham, I also got a picture of a class 66.  After visiting the Garage It was another long walk to Rye Lane where I got a 12 to Camberwell.  Here there is a 2for on the Garage scene with Walworth and Camberwell.  Here I made a big mistake and decided to walk from Camberwell Bus Garage to the Fox on the Hill. That walk nearly killed me, but the pint I had there perked me back up.

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