Trip to Redhill

On the 12th April, I found myself at Purley for a morning meeting.  I got there early (the meeting was for 10am) so I tried to get a cup of tea at the Foxley Hatch (Wetherspoon) but discovered that I did not open until 10am.  Without having had a cuppa I got to the meeting a bit early so we started early.  The meeting finished about 10 30am, so on my way back to train station I decided to pop into the Foxley Hatch as it was now open for a quick Pint.  I ended up having a pint of Roaring Meg which was exceedingly nice.

While having the pint I saw a bus stop across the road from where I was and made a snap decision to take a bus from there somewhere.  As it turned out there was a 405 that went to Redhill, somewhere I have not been before, so obviously this was the bus I took.

I got on the 405 at 10.58am and arrived at Redhill at 11.29 where the first thing I did was snap a picture of the bus I took. The journey from Purley was set to some very nice scenery along the way.  You could definitely tell it was not London.

Having found a Way Finder Map I orientated myself and had a wonder up Station Road to the side entrance to the Belfry Shopping Centre where I popped in and had a wonder through coming out the main entrance on to the High Street.  There I went to the end of the road and back passing a Millets (a company I thought had gone out of business some years ago).

By now I had a need to sit down for a short while so I located the Wetherspoons pub in the area The Sun.  Here I had two pints the first was a pint of Hop Troll which I very much enjoyed and then a pint of Falls Gold which again was very nice.  After the pints, I went to McDonalds and purchased one Quarter Pounder with Cheese, which was very much appreciated by my stomach.

I returned to West Croydon Bus Station on a 405 and from there took a 410 to Crystal Palace.  Here I changed onto a 122 and got off at Honor Oak where I took a London Overground train back to Surrey Quays before heading home after a most enjoyable outing.

A Montage of photos hosted on

A Sway of the trip

Photos from this trip can be found here at Flickr and here at My Site

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