HMS Bulwark and RMS St. Helana

The Trip

14.23 I took a 199 to the Creekside/Norman Road stop and walked past Waitrose to the Thames Path where I found HMS Bulwark and took some pictures.  Then I walked into Greenwich near the foot tunnel and took some last pictures of HMS Bulwark.  Then I popped over to the Visitor Information Centre to update my bus maps, and then stopped at the Gate Clock (Wetherpsoon).

15.44 I took a 188 to Druid Street and then walk to Tower Bridge and took pictures of the St. Helena.  Then I walked along the Thames Path (North Side) in front of the Tower of London and took some more pictures.  Then I followed the path along Old Billingsgate Walk, past Customs House and took some more pictures of St. Helena.  I went up the stairs onto London Bridge and took some more pictures, then crossed over the Thames and took some final pictures.

17.10 I took a 21 to New Cross Gate Station.

17.44 I Took a London Overground train to Surrey Quays and did some shopping.

18.07 Took a 199 home.


You can see pictures of this trip here on Flickr and My Site for HMS Bulwark, and here on Flickr and My Site for RMS St. Helena.

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