Thames Path Thames Barrier to Deptford

I decided as it was such a nice day to go out for a long walk. I could not make my mind up to start with whether I was going to walk into town along the Thames or go to the Thames Barrier and walk back from there.
In the end I decided to go to The Barrier as I have not been there in years. At the Barrier there was a nice grass area with a good view of the Thames and the Barrier.  Following the path I went under the Barrier assess started the long walk to Deptford.  Along the way to the Dome the path leaves the side of the Thames for a  little while.
Returning to the Thames I found a very strange sculpture thingy that is above but have no idea what it really is.  Further down was an Ecology park which I will have to go back to at some point.
The O2 is somewhat underwhelming (is that a word?) but a little way down the path was an interesting piece of artwork called ‘Slice of Reality’ which is a slice of a boat/ship.
Soon I discovered a small slice of England not ruled by the Health and Safety overlords.  There are NO GUARD RAILS to stop you falling into the Thames.  How exciting!
You can see photos from this walk here.

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